WeSing: Song & Social Justice Circles

sing for joy, sing for change, sing for love

WeSing aims to bring people together through the intersection of social justice and song. We gather weekly on Zoom to sing music with a social conscience, to engage in discussion and actions around the injustices in our world, and to foster healing, connection and resilience for our strength and wholeness in the Movement. WeSing strives to be an actively inclusive, anti-racist, anti-oppression community and we invite you to read our statement below to learn more about our practices and commitment.


In the words of June Jordan, "we are the ones we've been waiting for." Join founder/director Lisa Forkish in this life-affirming community of humans as we sing into the growing and necessary movement for our collective liberation. Singing is your birthright. Your voice matters. You are loved and appreciated. All are welcome / no prior singing experience required. 


Song Circle Structure (what to expect)

  • opening meditation / warm-up 

  • accountability / land acknowledgement with song 

  • brief personal check-in 

  • song sharing!

  • facilitated community share and discussion around white supremacy and antiracism work

       (at this time, around 7:50, BIPOC folx can opt out or stay and participate/share or just observe, whatever feels best) 

  • closing

WeSing Fees (note: a percentage of all proceeds each month is

donated to an Indigenous-led org, a Black-led org, as well as

BIPOC guest song leader.) More info in our anti-racism statement

below. Also, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Partial and full scholarships are available -- please email Lisa directly

at lisaforkish@gmail.com) 

Monthly: $50-100 sliding scale

Drop-in: $10-25  (BIPOC and other marginalized folx are invited to

pay on the lower end of the scales) 

Please submit payment one of two ways: 




As a white-led community, we are deeply committed to a fierce, compassionate and consistent practice of examining, excavating and dismantling the tenets of white supremacy that live inside our bodies and our institutions. Our anti-racist, anti-oppression practices are living, breathing and always changing as we learn (unlearn) and grow. For now, they include but are not limited to:


  • Tithing all monthly fees:

    • 10% of proceeds paid as a land tax to a different Indigenous-led organization each month. In September, we give to The Kohala Center, "an independent research, education, and ‘āina stewardship non-profit for healthier ecosystems. We turn ancestral knowledge and research into action to improve the conditions that lead to stronger relationships with our food, water, place, and people."

    • 10% of proceeds paid as humble but steady reparations to the Movement for Black Lives, offered to a different Black-led organization each month. September's funds will go to the Marsha P Johnson Institute, an organization that "protects and defends the human rights of BLACK transgender people. We do this by organizing, advocating, creating an intentional community to heal, developing transformative leadership, and promoting our collective power."

  • Engaging in a land acknowledgement each week, acknowledging the unceded / stolen territory where we reside, the ways in which we benefit from it, and the actions we can take toward healing, justice and accountability. For research, singers can use this link to Native lands and enter their zip code.

  • Educating ourselves on the impact of whiteness and white supremacy, as it pertains to music and community singing, and within our broader world (anti-racism resource page is here and will be updated regularly)

  • Naming and owning our complicity in systems of oppression and working to dismantle those systems (weekly action items will be shared) 

  • Understanding cultural appropriation --especially as it shows up in music--  with a commitment to learn from any missteps and repair harm caused with swiftness, thoughtfulness and humility

  • Inviting a BIPOC  guest song leader each month on the last Wednesday of the month to share their gifts with our community

  • Honoring and lifting up the stories and music of BIPOC, queer, womxn, and other marginalized groups with care and deep listening to the voices themselves (this is a life-long commitment and learning process)

  • Offering an ongoing open forum via Google forms for singers to submit feedbackanonymously if they so choose, with an explicit invitation (but not expectation) for BIPOC folx within the community to share any insight, requests, questions or grievances, so that we may be accountable to our ant-racist intentions

WeSing welcomes people from all backgrounds, and we strive to make our community as inclusive as possible. And, as our current make-up is predominately white, we also acknowledge that it may not feel like a safe and welcoming space for all BIPOC folx; we empathize as best we can with the feelings and experiences of our beloved siblings, we mourn the loss of their valued presence, and we vow to continue to do the work for racial justice and equity.

We will resume in September!


7-8:15pm PDT

on Zoom

September Song Circles:

2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th


"Singing with Lisa and WeSing choir allows me to feel expansive in a time that can feel confining. The community spirit is alive in our song."

Nani, WeSing member

"Now, more than ever, WeSing has become a weekly meditation where the resonance of our humanity can be deeply felt. That music can be so instrumental in creating this community is no accident; Lisa is strongly committed to the healing power music has to reach beyond the dissonance and create harmony. It is fundamental to her being that we can change the world through love. And Lisa is truly a love warrior." - RobinWeSing member

"Joining Lisa and the WeSing choir, in a safe, online platform, adds both grounding and upliftment to my week. Lisa is a shining spirit spreading her light through music and song." - Maia, WeSing member

"I know that this is a challenging time, but you are creating wonderful, joyous musical experiences and more people need to know about it!" - Angela, WeSing member

"We Sing has been a joy for me since I first joined. I found my voice again years of silence and had fun in the process." - Tacha, WeSing member

Copyright 2020 Lisa Forkish

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