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Fall Virtual Circles:

Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm PDT (September 8th-November 3rd)


Thursdays, 5-6:30pm PDT (September 9th-November 4th)



WeSing is a queer-led, intergenerational and life-affirming community of humans, singing into the growing and necessary movement for our collective liberation. Our mission is to meet each other at the intersection of healing justice, community and song, where we: make music + cultivate practices for transforming ourselves first, then our larger community and planet; foster healing, connection and resilience for our strength and wholeness in the Movement; ground in a "We" instead of an "I," as we envision a world rooted in Justice in Love. WeSing strives to be an actively inclusive, anti-racist and anti-oppression community -- you can learn more about our practices and intentions in the anti-racism statement below.


There is no prior singing experience required to participate in WeSing. Our community members come from all backgrounds - some trained singers, some, car/shower singers, some singing for the very first time in our space. You are loved and you are welcomed. Singing is your birthright.


Includes 9 in-person sessions, 2 original song downloads, and a culminating "performance" in the form of a virtual choir video and audio recording.

  • Supporting community: $325​

  • General: $275

  • Supported by community: $225

  • Video Only: $100 (email Lisa for info)

Please submit payment prior to September 8th

in order to secure your spot:

    sure to select "friends and family" to avoid fees)

Notes about payment structure:

  • We offer three tiers. Those with the means are invited to pay in support of our community members who may need extra support. Those who are impacted by systemic oppression (low-income, disabled, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ fam) are invited to pay at the "supported by community" tier. 

  • No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please email Lisa directly if you need further support: lisaforkish@gmail.com

  • We donate 10% of proceeds to a native or indigenous-led movement and a Black-led movement. In fall of 2021, we are making offerings to:

    • ‘Āina Momona is a Native Hawaiian 501(c)(3) organization proudly founded by Walter Ritte for the purpose of achieving environmental health and sustainability through restoring social justice and Hawaiian sovereignty. We are led by a board of exceptional Native Hawaiians that support the critical work of our talented staff who work in grassroots communities to restore fragile ecosystems, promote cultural rights and practices, enhance community well-being, and advocate for native rights and social justice.  

    • BOLD (Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity) is a national training intermediary focused on transforming the practice of Black organizers in the US to increase their alignment, impact and sustainability to win progressive change. BOLD carries out its mission through training programs, coaching and technical assistance for BOLD alumni and partners. 



As a white-bodied facilitator, I am deeply committed to a fierce, compassionate and consistent practice of examining, excavating and dismantling the culture of whiteness/white supremacy that lives inside my body - and so many healing, wellness, music and singing spaces. These anti-racist, anti-oppression practices are living, breathing and always changing as I learn (unlearn) and grow. For now, they include but are not limited to:


  • Giving from our proceeds each term: 10% of proceeds a Native/Indigenous-led movement and 10% to a Black-led movement.

  • Engaging in a land acknowledgement practice:  naming the unceded / stolen territory where we reside, the ways in which we benefit from it, and the actions we can take toward healing, justice and accountability. For research, singers can use this link to Native lands and enter their zip code. We donate funds, as well as seek actions around Indigenous sovereignty.

  • Educating ourselves on the impact of whiteness and white supremacy, as it pertains to music and community singing, and within our broader world (anti-racism resource page is here and will be updated regularly).

  • Naming and owning our complicity in systems of oppression and working to dismantle those systems.

  • Understanding cultural appropriation --especially as it shows up in music--  with a commitment to learn from any missteps and repair harm caused with swiftness, thoughtfulness and humility.

  • Inviting a BIPOC  guest song leader each term to share their gifts with our community.

  • Honoring and lifting up the stories and music of humans from BIPOC, queer, and other marginalized communities with care and deep listening to the voices themselves.

  • Offering an ongoing open forum via Google forms for singers to submit feedback -- anonymously if they so choose -- with an explicit invitation (but not expectation) for BIPOC within the community to share any insight, requests, questions or grievances so that we may stay accountable to our ant-racist intentions​.

** WeSing welcomes humans from all backgrounds, and I strive to make our community as inclusive as possible. Our circles have always included folx from many racial and ethnic identities. Itʻs important for me to name that there tends to be a higher emotional calorie burn for BIPOC in mixed spaces, and so I lift up and prioritize the wellness of our BIPOC siblings in all circles. As well, I invite myself and other white-bodied folx to stay mindful of the space we inhabit with our bodies, voices, stories, experiences, etc. I believe we can do powerful healing in mixed spaces, and that it can also be hard and messy and uncomfortable, and so much more. 


Can I join if I've never sung before? Yes, yes yes! All are welcome.

Will I have to sing in front of others? No, all singers are muted while singing together, due to delay issues on Zoom.

CAN I sing in front of others? Yes, there will be optional moments to share your voice unmuted with the group or in a breakout room.

Can I join if I'm unable to attend all 9 sessions? Yes, you can still join us! Our sessions will be recorded so you can access anytime.

Can I join if I don't want to participate in the recording project? Yes, you can join for the song circles and opt out of the video recording.

Can I join if I want to participate in the recording project but NOT the weekly gatherings? Yes, but payment is still required to cover costs of audio and video editing.

Can I participate without my video on? Yes, though preference is for videos on, as it tends to be easier to connect. I encourage all singers to take care of yourselves and lean in to comfort and safety in whatever ways you can.

What can I expect from the 90-minute circles? Our structure roughly looks like this:

  • opening grounding / body + voice practice

  • land acknowledgement 

  • personal connections (check-ins)

  • singing: learning short, accessible songs with repeated parts that build

  • reflection + practices + community building

  • review of song for final (virtual) performance

  • closing gratitude

Can I join if I'm not interested in the social justice/anti-oppression part? Not recommended. There are many other song circles out there just for singing! The WeSing community is queer-led, anti-racist, anti-oppression, anti-capitalist, pro-abolition, pro-liberation, pro-human. If some of these things don't jive with you, then this is not the community singing space for you.

"Singing with Lisa and WeSing choir allows me

to feel expansive in a

time that can feel

confining. The

community spirit is

alive in our song."

Nani, WeSinger


"Now, more than ever, WeSing has become a weekly meditation where the resonance of our humanity can be deeply felt. That music can be so instrumental in creating this community is no accident; Lisa is strongly committed to the healing power music has to reach beyond the dissonance and create harmony. It is fundamental to her being that we can change the world through love. And Lisa is truly a love warrior."


- Robin, WeSinger

WeSing Choir Photo.jpg

"This was an

amazingly powerful

time for me. Thank

you so much for

sharing your

beautiful gifts

with us. The depth

and breadth of

this space is


Much, much gratitude

and love."


- Karen, WeSinger