1. Wake Up Bay Area - an incredible compilation of resources for white folx especially

  2. Holistic Resistance - hosting regular virtual programming/workshops for BIPOC and white folx

  3. The Project of Whiteness - Video from BLM activist Janaya Khan 

  4. The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture - Showing Up For Racial Justice

  5. 5 Methods of Divestment & Weaponization of White Power & Privilege - Community Ready Corps

  6. National Resource List -- Minneapolis Uprising and Beyond

  7. Antiracism Resources for White People 

  8. How Can We Win - Video from author/activist Kimberly Latrice Jones

  9. Notice The Rage, Notice The Silence - Resmaa Menakem podcast episode and transcript

  10. White Privilege - Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack - Peggy McIntosh 

** This list is updated regularly and has only just begun! Feel free to send resources you'd like to see included to